Unit 116 Photographic Materials, Techniques & Technology - Compare & Contrast

Light and shadows.jpg

The first image is of mine for light and shade I am comparing my image to 1 of my images that I have Been inspired by. As you can see both images use lighting to create shadows and silhouettes in their images however my image is of an industrial area shooting directly into the sunlight and the artist's image is of a bus stop or train stop shooting the light coming from the window. As well as the artist is taking his picture portrait instead of landscape like mine And this atmosphere that he's created I believe invokes abandonment or running away from something Whereas mine is looking up towards the light into the clouds where these giant cranes heavy objects Giving you a sense of scale.


My image is the first one and the second one is what I have been inspired by as you could tell straight away we have been used smoke forms to try power of colour however I was forced to use red smoke rather than a Mixture of colours as you can see the difference between mind and the artists photo is that she has used an umbrella as a prop for the smoke I did use an umbrella for some of my images however these were not my best photographs it could be because the facts that it wasn't the same smoke von or do you to the fact that they weren't the same umbrella are used nevertheless we both have tried to cover up our model's face surrounding it in mystery. It does look like the photographer has photoshopped this image however because of the clear distinct separation from the smoke to the model's face I believe he has done this because of the health and safety with using smoke bombs. The photographer has also used a wider lens lens then I decided to take the photograph from a distance where as I have gotten close to my model.


Just as previously stated my image is the first one and the second image is of the artists illustration. As you straightaway can tell we have both focused on nightlife street photography. For my image I deliberately waited for the man to walk directly into the centre of the image lighting half of him up from the neon signs . I can tell that the artist has done the same by waiting for a distinct person to fit into the frame. However the differences between mine and the artists image comes from the lighting as I previously stated I use the lighting to light up my subject. The artist has chosen to use the lighting to light up the street rather than the people making the people secondary to the environment. I do think this works better for his image due to the fact that you get the reflection of everything from the water. Both images I believe give off the impression of people tired and wanting to return home after a long days work