Unit 104 Lens Based Recording Techniques- Research & Idea Development

Experimental Darkroom Techniques

Talk through technique is basically boils down to the photographer getting creative using their imagination to manipulate the image in the darkroom processing room or when he is taking the photographs.

The first one is scratching the image after it has been developed this can be quite effective creating a horror aspect to the image making the audience feel uncomfortable and just by looking at it.

The second  imageis double exposure this is done by overlapping the film with two images which can be done by photographing an image than taking the film and rebuilding it then taking the second image on top or it can be done by overlapping two pieces of negatives and placing it into a larger. This effects can vary between looking very creative or looking out of place.

The third technique is done by developing your image normally but using a paintbrush or other instrument and applying the developer to the paper this deep technique is extremely unpredictable and hard to recreate a particular image.



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Daniel Duart:    http://danielduart.com/

Daniel Duart is a street photographer who has created a series of photographs which involve the photographer to take photos inside of different cars. I like his photos because it follows a certain theme, however, no images are completely unlike yes they feature the photograph being taken inside a car but him using different cars and different locations with different Coaches Allows the audience to see something new but similar in each individual image. It would be interesting to know how many photographs he took that weren't up to his standards on every shoot but he went on just to put them into perspective.



Albert Dros:   http://www.albertdros.com/

Albert Dros is a never great street photographer captures people in the middle of working or going about their daily lives. What I found interesting about his work is that he isn't worried about people noticing him photographing them and he doesn't go out of his way of hiding it creating a son unique expressions from the people. This series that I put in is from his Hong Kong trip where he photographed in the market place and slum areas. I love how busy it is in every picture he takes.



Documentary Photography

Mood Board

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Scout Tufankjian:  http://www.scouttufankjian.com/

Scout Tufankjian is famously known for her work on documenting the Obama campaign in all of his eight years as the American president. I love how in her photographs she hasn't focused on President Obama but rather the people he inspires and provokes a in emotional reaction. Somehow she manages to capture that emotion in so many of her images. These three images are my favourite of hers I like them because of how people are just behaving like they would even if the cameras weren't there. The one that I like the most is the one with the little girl holding back the curtain because she's too small to see over it just so she could have a look at Obama.

Andrea Gjestvang: http://andreagjestvang.com/

Andrea Gjestvang did a documentary called "One day of history" where she Photographed 43 young people who survived the terrorist attack in Norway in 2011. The attack was carried out by right-wing extremists Dressed as police officers. The person Managed to kill 68 people and injured more than 100. There are many more photos of her work and I recommend going to see it and to see her experience with all these people and what they went through for your self. I love how her images you can send the loss and deadly silence in her work. She manages to capture the heart of what those people must have felt.

Jae C Hong: https://jae-c-hong.format.com/3827547-work

Jae C Hong As a photographer that has done a series of photographs in Los Angeles. Please play lemony focused on the homeless and the lower class people and has done an excellent job of representing their struggles and their daily lives. I believe that he has on some occasions asked to follow certain people in their daily lives coming from their homes to them travelling to their workplace to them working. My favourite image of his is the one where they're on the subway and on the left hand side you have a person dressed up as Superman And you can see in his face his troubles and worries in just one image.

lee jeffries: https://500px.com/leejeffries

lee jeffries is a world renowned photographer famous for photographing the homeless in a stunning amount of detail coming for a profile headshot in his images. I can't imagine how it feels to get such diverse interactions with so many unfortunate people. The main thing that sticks out for me in his work is How he draws focus two wards the eyes and how we can manage to betray a damaged human being. It does make you wonder how to kill you are personally from one day having a home food and luxurious items to then living on the street.