Controversy unit 108

Controversy we all love to hate it, to laugh at how tone death and out of touch a company or celebrity are we also love to see people's reactions to these controversies, in fact, whole careers have been made out of controversy comedians and daily shows have whole segments dedicated to controversy. I will be talking about controversies that have happened in this modern era what people's reactions were to them, did they damage the brand or individual that was involved with the controversy and if it's worth putting so much effort and anger to these controversies.

Pepsi - 2017

The Pepsi advert was released in 2017 that starred Kylie Jenner famous reality star known for being on the show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. When the advert was released it was hated by almost everyone and seeing as insensitive disconnected pandering trash trying to cash in on what was happening and trending at the time. But why was that how could a 3-minute video of a Pepsi ad be so hated.

Well the advert starts out with a montage of a man playing his cello on top of a skyscraper with quick cuts of Sparks and close-ups is face with a guitar playing in the background which kind of doesn't make sense if you're going to show off someone playing the cello you might as well you use that instead of a generic guitar melody. It then cutaway to a protest protesting something it's never really said but the majority of the colours that the protesters are wearing and using as signs are white and blue colours of Pepsi just so you know you're watching a Pepsi commercial. We then cut to a journalist researching something again it's not clear what she's doing apart from looking frustrated at some images and drinking a can of Pepsi. We then cut to the star of this advert Kylie Jenner who's doing a fashion shoot was a protest goes on in the background. We get some fast cuts of the protests from different angles then back to the cello player who's now also drinking Pepsi and has noticed the protest. Go back to the journalist who has decided to give up her work and join the protest with her camera. Then get more cuts of the protesters protesting well we still have no idea what they're protesting about but the camera decides to show off diverse street performers almost saying this is what all Young people do protest and Street performance. Kylie Jenner has now had enough and decides to join the protest by removing her blonde wig and throwing it at her assistant and runs off to join the protest. It ends with her handing over can of Pepsi to a policeman pretty much saying pepsi songs all solutions, pepsi can heal any divide just buy Pepsi.


The reason why this was so insensitive and offensive even to this day is that during that time and as well as this time is that there was a lot of real protest with real issues such as police brutality, black lives matter, women's march, equality and many more. For Pepsi to almost hijack these protests to sell their products is really just distasteful and cringy. It's pretty laughable at how big companies and huge celebrities have no engagement to the real world or how regular people apps because if they did then someone would have said during the producing of this advert that this is not a good idea.


As usual whenever a company makes a spectacular blunter such as this one the internet does not hesitate to ridicule them quickly left and right people were making jokes about how they should have just brought a can of Pepsi to there protests or saying if only Martha Luther King knew about the power of Pepsi and so on. Course pepsi and Kylie Jenner apologized for what happened but really they don't care and this whole controversy did not affect them at all they still make millions and millions of Dollars and I'm sure she was happily paid Millions for this advert in which she was happy to comply for the right price.


H&M - 2018

The H&M controversy was in 2018 due to a green child's hoodie that had the words "coolest monkey in the jungle" but I hear you say that's not really controversial but the child who was modelling this was black. And the world lost it so much so that in Africa they decided to protest this and then the protest turned into a riot and destroyed one of H&M shops. All because of a black child war a green hoodie that said" coolest monkey in the jungle"


I do understand where people are coming from that are offended but deciding to destroy a shop over this where there are probably people working minimum wage and are also people of colour working there and having to clean up all this mess makes no sense to me. You're not hurting any of the higher-ups of H&M you're not hurting anyone who made this decision and most importantly your not educating and changing people's minds about the delicate issue of race.


I feel like this controversy is a good example of people taking it too far that letting their emotions getting the best of them and lashing out at people who had nothing to do with it in the first place.


heineken - 2018

Our last controversy is of Heineken an alcoholic drinks company who produced an advert in 2018 promoting the new beer which had fewer calories and had the slogan "sometimes lighter is better". I hear you ask again what's so controversial about this well during the advert the man behind the bar notices a woman not enjoying her drink he then proceeds to slide her a bottle of Heineken light beer. The advert tries to go for a more comedic style with the bottle sliding all the way from the bar to the other side of the party sliding across the floor over counters etc almost like a hammer to the classic bartender sliding you a drink across the counter. So what was so offensive about this well during the advert when the beer was sliding across the party it went past a black musician and a black woman where it reached its destination towards the customer where she begins to drink it as the slogan appeared "sometimes lighter is better". People took this as a racially insensitive joke referring to lighter skin is better where it clearly is talking about the number of calories in the drink and for proof of this it shows the number of calories that are in this drink highlighted clearly.


In my own opinion, I believe that people were just looking to be offended too just have something to be offended by. Which is a shame because there are real issues that do need attention and you need that outrage that is worth being offended about instead of a 2-minute advert about a beer sliding across the floor. This also could have consequences for people trying to bring awareness to real issues and trying to make people care about them where people's response could be too tired or too fatigued to be offended because of these types of controversy.

Heineken Light ad pulled.jpg.jpg_10832485_ver1.0_640_360.jpg


In conclusion, I think that controversy can be used in positive and negative effects and also make us come together to laugh at giant corporations totally missing the mark. I think that anyone can make mistakes such as giant corporations big celebrities and even calling out something for being controversial but that's really to be expected because the end of the day we are all just humans and we all make mistakes no matter how many focus groups we try to use to get the right angle or how many people join your so-called revolut take down the big corporations we can all be wrong as well as me for instance I could be making mistakes in this blog saying something that could be controversial to someone else but only time will tell.