Unit 105 Studio Practice in Photography - Compare And Contrast

Expressive Studio Portraiture

couloued eyes 4.jpg

This first image is for my expressive portraiture shoot and was the first shoot I did for this project. At the time I wasn't sure what route I want to go down with but I had the idea of how humans express themselves through their eyes and then I thought about how certain ethic groups cover their faces but leave the eyes. I then decided to pursue this and to do multiple images with different models giving me a variety of images. 


For my second shoot for expressive portraitures I decided to go for a more direct route to the brief and shoot head shots of different people who are acting out different emotions in which I told them to. I believe this allows the audience to see how different peoples expressions when asked to show the same emotion. I believe that my outcomes match my research in trying to convey emotion to the audience without saying anything but just by showing.


Overall I found this project to be challenging at the start because of how I am not so keen on using the studio and lack confidence to communicate with models in what I need them to do. However I managed to work around the issues for example rather than talk to the models I would hold up signs telling them which emotion I want them to do. I believe I have successfully created some unique outcomes from this project.

Open Studio Lighting Brief


This project I decided to photograph fruit and vegetables however I decided to put a more interesting twist on it and use sparkling water and a fast shutter speed to get a more interesting effect.


Portable Location Lighting


The top image is mine that progressed on from a workshop activity to create 'cinematic' head-shots. The background has the same feel in my image compared to the professional photographer. The only part missing in mine is the catchlight in the eyes, in future I will be mindful of this as it adds a sparkle to the eyes.

I learned from this experience and have developed my communication skills further when dealing with a model and have advanced my technical knowledge of using 'Speedlight' off camera flash.